Thanks to modern vehicle engineering, cars are a lot quieter and easy on the ears. Unless your music is blasting too loud, you should be able to notice any unusual vehicle noises. A new sound in your vehicle isn't something to celebrate as it typically indicates a mechanical problem. This October, turn your speakers down and listen for any spooky sounds coming from your vehicle. Below are five sounds to look out for during your next drive.

Hissing Under the Hood

If you turn off your engine and notice hissing under your vehicle's hood, it may indicate fluid is leaking. The engine is hot, and if it makes contact with any leaked fluid, a hissing sound will occur. Wait a few minutes and check under your vehicle for any coolant or oil. If the hissing sound persists, reach out to an automotive specialist. In some cases, leaks can cause overheating that results in engine damage.

Squealing When Pressing the Brake

Squealing brakes are certainly a sound that doesn't come welcomed. If you notice your brakes squealing whenever you apply the brake pedal, you should have your brakes inspected. The problem can be as simple as dirt build-up within the system or as worst as worn brake pads. Brakes are vital because they keep you safe. If your brakes are giving it, it's essential to have them fixed to ensure a tremendous amount of safety for you and your passengers.

Squeaks When Turning the Steering Wheel

If you hear a high-pitched squeak every time you turn your steering wheel from left to right, there may be an issue with the power steering fluid. Try refilling your power steering fluid. However, be aware that power steering fluid is a fluid that's rarely low for most vehicles. If the power steering fluid is regularly low, there may be a leak within the system.

Low-Pitched Hum Underneath the Vehicle

Various problems with the exhaust system can lead to a chugging or rattling sound under the vehicle. As mentioned earlier, driving shouldn't be too noisy. If there's a block in the exhaust system or it has come out of alignment, a distracting sound may occur. Make sure to have your vehicle checked by an expert. Try to pay close attention to when the sound occurs to give your mechanic the most information possible.

The Tires Are Thudding

If the tire pressure is low in your tires, the tires may need to be refilled or realigned in severe cases. The inside of your vehicle's door should have a sticker with information on the most efficient tire pressure for your tires. If filling your tires to the proper pressure doesn't stop the thudding, reach out to us and have your tires inspected. Bay Area Tire & Service are the tire experts in Severna Park, MD. October for your vehicle doesn't have to be spooky; listen for any unusual sounds and make a note of them. A diagnosis today can save you in costly repairs tomorrow. If your car is making a strange sound, reach out to our expert ASE Certified mechanics at one of our seven convenient auto shop locations in Maryland, or click here to schedule an appointment today to get the promptest service.

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