You're driving as normal and hit a speed bump - your car bounces up and down excessively and it takes you by surprise. You haven't really experienced this before, and wonder if something might be wrong with your vehicle. Our cars are designed to absorb shock from the road so that our driving experience is smooth and safe. However, excessively bouncing over bumps or debris can be a sign that something is right within the suspension and steering system.

Your vehicle's steering, suspension system, and wheels all work together in order to make sure that you are able to steer straight and that your vehicle absorbs the right amount of shock from the road to keep your drive smooth. When there is something wrong with any of these systems, you will definietely notice either a change in your steering capabilites or how bumpy your ride is.

Here are some of the common reasons why your car may be bouncing excessively or swaying:

  • Your wheel alignment is bad
  • Your tires have excessive or uneven wear
  • You have a loose steering linkage
  • Your struts or shocks are damaged or leaking
  • Loose or damaged ball joints
As soon as you notice a change in the smoothness of your ride, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Bay Area Tire & Service Centers. We are the tire and suspension system experts and will determine what is causing you issues. Feel free to give us a call or make an appointment online today!

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