Summertime means it's time for road trips! If you are an experienced road trip driver, you know that cruise control can be your best friend. The cruise control function allows you to drive at a steady speed. This feature gives your leg time to rest and enables you to maneuver the wheel easily. It can be pretty disheartening to come across this feature and have it malfunction. Without it, your drive will feel a lot longer. Below is a list of possible reasons why your cruise control function is broken.


The speed sensor is the part of the system that determines how fast a car is traveling. Since cruise control requires a precise speed reading, cruise control will not work correctly if the speed sensor is impaired. A damaged speed sensor can also give inaccurate readings to the speedometer, which can be very dangerous for the driver. Controlling your vehicle's speed is fundamental, and without this function, you can find yourself with a speeding ticket or in a collision.


In some cars, the cruise control is electronically controlled and will have an associated electrical fuse. If the vehicle experiences an electrical issue, the fuse will ultimately fail. You will need a professional with electrical experience to repair the fuse.


As you probably know, pushing on the brake pedal will turn on the brake lights. This reaction is all thanks to the brake pedal switch. If there are any problems with the brake pedal switch, the brake light will fail to come on, and cruise control will also stop working. If you experience this problem, please have it immediately fixed. Other drivers depend on your lights to be conscious of when you're slowing down or coming to a stop. Getting this repair will also allow the continued use of the cruise control feature again.

A malfunction with cruise control is usually linked with other more severe problems. It could seriously compromise your safety if you don't get some of the difficulties above fixed. If you have any concerns or need service, give Bay Area Tire & Service a call. Alternatively, you can visit one of our 7 convenient locations.

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