TPMS Service in Maryland

The TPMS, also known as the tire pressure monitoring system, is the system in your vehicle which monitors the air pressure of the tires. Most drivers don’t realize how important this warning system is, or how important it is to properly maintain the air pressure in your tires for a safe ride. If your TPMS warning light is on, the professionals here at Bay Area Tire & Service Centers are here to help.

A TPMS warning light indicates that one or more of your vehicle’s tires has fallen 25% below your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations for air pressure. However, this warning light can also point to an issue with the system itself, often times letting you know that a tire pressure sensor has failed. In this case, the tire pressure sensor will be replaced and your system can be reset.

When you bring your vehicle into one of our local family owned and operated Maryland auto care shops, we will perform a TPMS service which consists of checking all of your vehicle’s tires for proper air pressure and refiling any tires that have fallen below factory settings. We then reset the TPMS and get you back on the road in a timely manner.

You may be wondering, is TPMS service necessary? The answer is - yes! A properly working TPMS is vital to your vehicle’s safety. When you drive with low tire pressure, you lose proper stability, traction, steering capabilities, and negatively affect your ability to properly slow or stop when needed. You also put yourself at risk for a tire blowout on the road, which can not only be a hassle but is very dangerous. You also severely shorten the life of your tires, costing you money more often on a new set.

As soon as you notice the tire pressure warning light turn on, have your vehicle inspected by our certified experts. We have been serving the Maryland area for over 40 years and continue to be a trusted name in auto care in the area. When you need a TPMS service, give us a call here at Bay Area Tire & Service Centers or stop by one of our 7 convenient locations today in Severna Park, Glen Burnie, Eldersburg, Pasadena, and Cambridge, MD.