Certain individuals have a proclivity for deferring auto maintenance, even when evident problems exist. While this behavior may not jeopardize your safety if the radio is out of commission or something similar, it is critical to see the auto shop if there is a driveability issue, particularly with the brakes. Because your vehicle's brakes are its primary safety feature, it's critical to maintain them in order for them to protect you. If you see any of these frequent brake failure indications, schedule an appointment with your mechanic immediately.

Noises that grind

When you slow down, strange noises from the brakes usually signal the brake pads have worn thin and metal is grinding on metal. The noise could be described as howling, grinding, or whining, but whatever it is, it always signals danger.

Brake Pedal That is Soft

A soft brake pedal indicates that the brake pads are worn out and should be replaced. However, much larger, far more hazardous issues could be the source of this situation. It could be an indication of air in the brake lines or a brake fluid leak if your brake pedal feels mushy or sits closer to the ground.

Brake Pedal with Vibrations

The brake pedal should be inspected for any shaking. Your vehicle's rotors are most likely distorted as a result of this. Because the brake pads will not have a flat surface to rub against if the rotors are warped, the braking power of your car will be substantially reduced.

Pulling When You brake

When you use the brakes, the vehicle should move forward in the direction you're directing, or in the opposite direction. If the vehicle pulls to the left or right, the brake pads may be unevenly worn. Unfortunately, debris in the braking fluid or a faulty wheel cylinder might cause this.

Light ABS

he ABS light indicates that the brake system is malfunctioning. ABS means for anti-lock braking system, and when this light illuminates, it denotes that sensors have discovered a problem that has to be diagnosed by a professional. Bay Area Tire & Service Center is the place to go if you need professional brake repair. Call us at as soon as you notice a problem with your vehicle.

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