A cooling system is important in maintaining your vehicle's health because after turning the key, the engine generates extremely hot temperatures. The cooling system comprises various parts such as radiators, fans, and thermostats designed to prevent the engine from overheating. Car owners are advised to check their coolant levels regularly when they are filled up with fuel.

It's critical to ensure the cooling system remains healthy to avoid overheating issues, which exposes the engine to damage. The moment you note the five signs listed below, it's essential to start shopping for a new cooling system.

Smoke From Underneath The Hood

This is not a good sign. The moment you notice smoke coming out below the car hood, it's advisable to park immediately and check the vehicle. To lower the temperatures, you can add coolant to lower the temperatures, then go to an auto repair shop. If you don't take action immediately, you face serious issues such as a blown head gasket.

Rising Gauge Temperatures

This is a sure indication of a failing cooling system. When the cooling system is experiencing malfunctions, the gauge will rise to the red zone. The moment you observe such issues ensure to contact a mechanic to diagnose your vehicle and repair the problematic parts.

Low Coolant Levels

A faulty cooling system may result when the coolant level runs low below the vehicle's manual. It's an indication of a potential leak in the coolant that needs mechanical intervention. Another common indication of low coolant levels is when you physically notice a leak, sweet-smelling liquid on the ground, after parking your vehicle.

White Steam

In many cases, excessive white fumes are caused by coolants burning in the combustion chamber. This might indicate a crack in the engine block, hence you may need to contact a mechanic.

Avoid getting stuck on the road and other inconveniences by ensuring proper maintenance of the cooling system. If your coolant is having issues, don't sweat it. We got you covered. Just bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today. Our ASE-certified technicians will fix your coolant and guarantee your safety when driving.

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