Fluid leaks are common, especially if your vehicle is older. While not all leaks mean the car is in dire straits, they are trying to tell you to pay attention to your car. Most people know that when they see a rainbow on the ground under their car, it is likely leaking oil. But what about other possible leaks? Here are some other fluids and what they look like when they leak so you can diagnose it and get the vehicle in for service as soon as possible.

Brake Fluid

This fluid is a light brown and will usually leave a puddle near a tire. Your brakes are crucial to your safety so if you notice this kind of leak, get your vehicle services right away.

Coolant Leaks

The coolant is a bright green color, usually, but it could also come out as yellow or pink. It prevents your engine from overheating, so if you see this leak, get the car checked over so you don't have engine issues down the road.

Transmission Fluids

These leaks will look red or brown in color and when you see those tones, get repairs ASAP. You could be in for major repairs and costly issues if you don't address these leaks as soon as you notice them.

Oil Leaks

This is the leak most people recognize. It's black or brown, but you might also see that telltale rainbow. While oil leaks don't always mean the vehicle needs immediate attention, oil is a very important part of how your engine operates. If too much oil leaks, the engine could dry up and grind parts together, which will lead to huge expenses on your part. Plus, if oil leaks continue, you have to continuously add oil, which adds to your costs to run the vehicle. If you need vehicle leak repair, we invite you to bring your car into our auto repair shop today! No matter what kind of leak you see from your vehicle, it's not supposed to be there and it's in your best interest to get things checked over and fixed before they get worse.

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