How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring Season

Get your car ready for the spring season with our ultimate guide. From getting a tune-up and check-up to fixing any broken parts, we've got you covered.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Before anything else, it's essential to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Ensure all the lights and gauges are working, the brakes are operational, and the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure. Check if your windows are working well and your car's AC is in perfect condition. You should also check for any dents or damage—this can indicate underlying issues with your car that you need to take care of.

Check Your Exterior Lights and Windshield Wipers

Exterior lights and windshield wipers should be checked for proper function and alignment. If they aren't working correctly, you'll need to get them fixed. Worn out wipers should be replaced with new ones, to avoid malfunction and scratches on your windshield. Take this time to also wipe your car's windshield clean with soapy water to remove any dirt and debris build up on the glass to improve your vision.

Repair Any Broken Parts

After a thorough inspection, repair any broken parts before the season starts. This will help prevent any potential problems down the road.

Here at our shop, we will inspect your car's brake pads, spark plugs, engine oil and coolant levels and any possible leaks.

If your car is due for service, change the oil and air filters too.

Change out Your Tires

Tires are one of the essential items you'll need for spring. Whether you're driving on the open roads or on muddy back roads, change out your tires if the threads are worn down. A new set of tires will not only give you good grip keeping you safe on the road, but also improve your gas mileage.

It's finally springtime. But before you start welcoming in the warmer weather, be sure to check your vehicle for any potential issues. If you need a spring vehicle inspection, we invite you to bring your car into our auto repair shop for professional service. From general condition to tires and paint, we will address all of your needs before the season starts.