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What happens if you run out of gas?

You know your car like the back of your hand, so when your fuel gauge reads low, you know exactly how many miles you have left to get to a gas station. Or do you? Your confidence goes right out the window the moment you actually run out of gas. When your car runs out of fuel, your engine’s components can break down and cause significant damage. What types of damage can happen to your vehicle if you run out of gas?  Your car will shut down.  Once your car runs out of gas, your car will shut down as if the key was never in the ignition. This is dangerous because by this point if you haven’t been able to pull over to a safe spot, your car will stall exactly where it is.    It will become harder to brake and steer. Your brakes will feel heavier and will require more leg power to push. When you run out of gas, your engine will shut off and thus shut off the brake’s hydraulics. Your steering wheel will suffer a similar ... read more