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The History Of The Parking Meter

Whether you live in the city or you’re just visiting, chances are you’ve found yourself searching for coins for the parking meter. The last thing you want after a trip down into the city is a ticket greeting you on the windshield. What’s even more annoying is feeding parking meter coins that only eat them without giving you your purchased time. It’s enough to leave some drivers wondering when did paid parking meters first enter the scene in the U.S. and why? Carl C. Magee established the history of the first paid parking meter on July 16, 1935, and originally named it the “Park-O-Meter”. Magee moved from New Mexico and relocated to Oklahoma City in 1927. Magee was a news reporter and, once in Oklahoma City, established the Oklahoma News. During this period, growing urban cities suffered from a lack of public parking, and Oklahoma City was no exception. Magee proposed a solution in the form of the Park-O-Meter. The city took his suggestion and instal ... read more