Signs That Your Brakes May Need to Be Serviced?

 Signs That Your Brakes May Need to Be Serviced?

Maintenance and service are an essential part of the long term health and longevity of your vehicle. While all maintenance components are important, the brake pads are critical because they are normal wear and tear components. Eventually, brakes wear thin, which can lead to a decrease in how effectively they stop your vehicle. It’s in everyone’s best interest on the road that your brakes are in their best working condition.   What signs indicate that your brakes may need to be serviced?  Your brake light illuminates on your dashboard. Your brake pads may squeak or squeal if they get too thin.  Your brake pads may give off a grinding or grumbling sound.  Grinding or growling sounds can indicate that the brake pads are completely worn thin. Bring your vehicle into Bay Area Tire & Service Center to have a trusted mechanic immediately inspect this.   It takes more ... read more

The History Of The Parking Meter

Whether you live in the city or you’re just visiting, chances are you’ve found yourself searching for coins for the parking meter. The last thing you want after a trip down into the city is a ticket greeting you on the windshield. What’s even more annoying is feeding parking meter coins that only eat them without giving you your purchased time. It’s enough to leave some drivers wondering when did paid parking meters first enter the scene in the U.S. and why? Carl C. Magee established the history of the first paid parking meter on July 16, 1935, and originally named it the “Park-O-Meter”. Magee moved from New Mexico and relocated to Oklahoma City in 1927. Magee was a news reporter and, once in Oklahoma City, established the Oklahoma News. During this period, growing urban cities suffered from a lack of public parking, and Oklahoma City was no exception. Magee proposed a solution in the form of the Park-O-Meter. The city took his suggestion and instal ... read more

What happens if you run out of gas?

You know your car like the back of your hand, so when your fuel gauge reads low, you know exactly how many miles you have left to get to a gas station. Or do you? Your confidence goes right out the window the moment you actually run out of gas. When your car runs out of fuel, your engine’s components can break down and cause significant damage. What types of damage can happen to your vehicle if you run out of gas?  Your car will shut down.  Once your car runs out of gas, your car will shut down as if the key was never in the ignition. This is dangerous because by this point if you haven’t been able to pull over to a safe spot, your car will stall exactly where it is.    It will become harder to brake and steer. Your brakes will feel heavier and will require more leg power to push. When you run out of gas, your engine will shut off and thus shut off the brake’s hydraulics. Your steering wheel will suffer a similar ... read more

What Do I Do If I Need Brake Repair?

What Do I Do If I Need Brake Repair?

A brake problem should always be addressed quickly, especially because your brakes are so important to the overall safety of your vehicle. If you’re experiencing a problem with your vehicle’s brakes or suspect you may need a brake repair, bring your car into the professionals here at Bay Area Tire & Service Centers in Severna Park, MD. At our auto repair shop, we are the foreign and domestic vehicle experts and work on most makes and models of vehicles.  Our ASE certified technicians will perform a full brake inspection to determine the exact cause of the issue. We recommend bringing your vehicle in as soon as you notice a change in performance or a strange symptom with your brakes. Our Severna Park repair shop uses state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure that your vehicle repairs are completed with quality and care.  Signs of a brake problem include:    Brake warning light is on Car pulls to one side while braking Spongy brake peda ... read more

Helpful Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

When it comes to driving, one of the most important things to remember is to drive safely. Accidents can happen, but often times can be avoided by staying focused on the road and driving as safely as possible. Abiding by the speed limit, giving yourself plenty of space to slow and stop, and following all laws when it comes to driving can protect you on the road. However, distractions can occur which can take our eyes off the road and put our safety at risk.  Here are some helpful tips to avoid distractions while on the road:  Put your cell phone away and out of view. Texting or talking on the phone while driving is very distracting. Nowadays, many cell phones have features that will actually text back anyone trying to contact you with an automated message that you are driving and will get back to them shortly. This is a great tool to use to prevent yourself from being tempted to checking your phone on the road.    If your destination requires driving directions ... read more

Our Shops Are Open During COVID-19 and Are Ready to Serve You

Our Shops Are Open During COVID-19 and Are Ready to Serve You

All of our Bay Area Tire & Service Centers are OPEN! Auto repair is an essential service, which allows us to remain open during this uncertain time. We know many people of our community are working from home, are out of work, or are working in essential industries. A reliable vehicle is important during this time, whether you need your car to get you to work or to get to the store to get supplies for your family.  We will be here to serve our communities, local police, fire departments, doctors and nurses. We want you to know that we are closely following updates surrounding COVID-19 and are making the proper adjustments at our shop to continue serving you while keeping our customers and staff members safe.  Our hours have adjusted to help our staff and their families during this difficult time: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm Saturday: 7:30am - 1:00pm *Cambridge: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm​ During this challenging time, we are offering ... read more

Why Does My Car Bounce Excessively?

You're driving as normal and hit a speed bump - your car bounces up and down excessively and it takes you by surprise. You haven't really experienced this before, and wonder if something might be wrong with your vehicle. Our cars are designed to absorb shock from the road so that our driving expereince is smooth and safe. However, excessively bouncing over bumps or debris can be a sign that something is right within the suspension and steering system.  Your vehicle's steering, suspension system, and wheels all work together in order to make sure that you are able to steer straight and that your vehicle absorbs the right amount of shock from the road to keep your drive smooth. When there is something wrong with any of these systems, you will definietely notice either a change in your steering capabilites or how bumpy your ride is.  Here are some of the common reasons why your car may be bouncing excessively or swaying:  Your wheel alignment is bad You ... read more

What is a Brake Fluid Flush?

Many vehicle drivers may have heard of the "brake fluid flush". On the other hand, there are drivers out there who may not even know that the brake system actually runs on fluid. Brake fluid is actually a vital component of the overall brake system, because it is what generates the pressure needed to press down on the brake pedal and initiate the braking process.  The main issue with brake fluid occurs when moisture enters into the fluid. This greatly affects the overall pressure that the brake fluid produces and will cause your brake pedal to become spongy and almost ineffective. This is why a brake fluid flush according to manufacturer recommendations or as needed is important to the safety of your car.  A brake fluid flush is the process of removing the brake fluid flush from the brake lines and replacing it with new, fresh fluid. A similar process, called brake bleeding, is when only part of the fluid is removed in order to target a certain area of air bu ... read more