Air Conditioning Service in Maryland

Driving around with no A/C, especially during the hotter months, can be uncomfortable for both you and your passengers. Ignoring a broken A/C system can also affect other components of your vehicle, depending on the cause of the issue. This is why we recommend having your vehicle inspected at one of our convenient Bay Area Tire & Service Centers in Maryland as soon as you notice an issue with your vehicle’s air conditioning. We have convenient locations in Severna Park, Glen Burnie, Eldersburg, Pasadena, and Cambridge, MD.

The ASE certified technicians at our family owned and operated auto ac repair shops are highly trained in A/C recharge and evacuation and can assess interior climate control issues to get you back on the road driving comfortably again. We offer a comprehensive auto air conditioning service which will consist of a thorough evaluation of your vehicle’s climate control system and pinpoint the exact cause of any symptoms that you may be experiencing.

The main function of the A/C in your vehicle is to cool the air that is coming into your passenger compartment using 3 main parts: the condenser, evaporator, and compressor. When you come to our auto ac repair shop, this first thing our ASE certified technicians will do is to discuss the faulty A/C system symptoms with you. Afterwards, they will perform a visual inspection of the air conditioning compressor drive belt, serpentine belt and all other accessible components for damage, leaks or cracks. We will then inspect the operation of the air conditioning compressor, evacuate the refrigerant from the system if no damage or leaks are found, vacuum test it and recharge the A/C system with the help of an appropriate refrigerant that is in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

Detecting damage or leaks to the A/C system of your vehicle sooner rather than later, can save you both time and money, keeping you and everyone in your car cool and worry free. When you need an air conditioning repair service in Maryland, stop by one of our 7 convenient Bay Area Tire & Service Centers or give us a call today for friendly assistance.