Most of us can't go a day, an hour, or even minutes without being on our phones. Mobile apps are becoming more innovative and helpful day by day, and a lot of them make our everyday tasks easier. This statement especially holds for driving. Some apps have replaced the need for traditional paper road maps and GPS devices altogether, while others can help you save a ton of money! We've assembled a list of four apps that we believe every driver should incorporate in their commute.


If you haven't heard of Waze, then you've probably been living under a rock. This app is no ordinary navigational app like Google Maps or Apple Maps. Waze offers real-time, user-generated data that can give you instant information on information beyond traffic conditions. Waze alerts you of multiple obstacles that can be a threat to your safety. You will be alerted of things like police traps, roadwork, stopped vehicles, and even roadkill.


Gas seems like it's only getting more expensive by the minute. And if it keeps going up, we'll be pinching our pennies by the holidays. No worries, though, because you can download the Gasbuddy app. This tool can help you save some cash by showing you the best and lowest gas prices near you. Users can use this information to gain insight into where they can save the most money on gas. Gasbuddy also offers a payment plan to save at least five cents per gallon at certain stations.


Parking can be costly, especially in congested cities. Whether you are trying to find parking in your local area or while out of town, Parkopedia can lay out all the parking spots and garages closest to you. It will also show you the available prices of the parking spots and allow you to make reservations.

Find My Parked Car

We've all ended up roaming around a parking lot trying to remember where we parked our car before. The Find My Car App can alleviate your anxiety by using simple GPS location services to save the location of your parked car. The app has many other advantages, including giving you the option to snap a picture of your parking spot, setting a timer for when a meter runs out of time, and more! We hope some of these apps will help you in the long run. Let us know if they work out for you. We invite you to come to Bay Area Tire & Service Centers for all your automotive maintenance or repair needs!

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